It’s time to meet Hanah and Elena, two sisters with a common vision and passion to create something new in fashion.

They come from a family of opticians and have a deep know-how in eyewear and the hottest optical fashion trends.

For them, Mellon is the beginning of the coolest turn in fashion, offering special, high-quality glasses for women and men!

They are ready to own “Mellon”, with modern creations that bring today’s people, one step closer to the fashion world of tomorrow.

Full of imagination and inspiration, lost in designs and color palettes, they come to establish something new and subversive in the field of retail, offering eyewear that highlights the modern style and gives the most outstanding look.

In their products, you will find their imagination, courage, and aesthetics imprinted. This duo pursues high quality and unique pieces, marking today as their beginning and tomorrow as their goal!

The two sisters seek to set new fashion trends and inspire those who want to dare.

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